Shooting Head
Standard Specification
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37 grams


724.00+UK Tax= £868.80

For the Shooting Head enthusiast, it is a dream come true.  This rod has a middle to tip action, but leaning more towards a tip action, with a fast recovery.  The lines will load this rod with total ease.  It will readily solve all your distance casting issues and be a joy to handle.

It is a black rod with black whipping.  Superior reel seat,  two SIC butt rings and a little silver hand tipping at the end of joints only. It is complemented with a black, handmade rod bag and has hand turned, silver ferrule stoppers.  A very classy rod that performs beyond all expectations.

Of course, if you prefer your shooting head rod to be finished differently, that is no problem at all.


30 grams


738.00+UK Tax=£885.60

This is a light Shooting Head rod, specifically designed for medium rivers.  Casting 30 grams (approx #8-#9).  The same principle as the 14' model, with the ideal solution to distance casting.  The rod has a middle to tip action and the line will load this rod completely effortlessly.  It is a three piece rod, finished in black, with black matching whipping and a little silver hand tipping at the end of joints only.   It has a quality cork handle with a superior reel seat.  It is complemented with hand turned silver ferrule stoppers and a black, cotton drill rod bag.

Customise this Rod

All Bruce & Walker rods are handmade by us, therefore we can customise our standard specification rods to suit your indivdual preference.

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