Repair and Modifications

However careful we are, accidents happen.  We're all human.  But that doesn't have to sound the death knell for your rod. If you break a rod section and it is made of carbon fibre, whether it is a current model or a rod from one of our discontinued ranges, there is an excellent chance that we can build a replacement section for you.

Likewise we carry out many refurbishments and minor repairs to all fishing rods.  This restoration work can be as little as replacing a broken ring, to a total refurbishment, from top to bottom.  Please email us or be in touch by phone, to enquire.  Every rod is individually priced according to the amount of work required and the labour costs involved.  With a little tender loving care from us, your old rod can be transformed in a matter of weeks!

Oooops!  I've broken my rod - what should I do now?

Don't panic.  Pack the whole rod carefully and send it back to us.  A word of caution: however you send the rod back to us, by courier or by post, do make sure that it is very well packaged and that you are covered against loss or damage whilst in transit.  (No one is going to love your rod quite like you or us).   Please enclose a covering letter with your parcel, giving all your daytime contact details, (name, address, daytime telephone number, mobile number, email address)  this will help us  be in touch with you, when it arrives here.  Please return the rod to the following address:

Bruce & Walker Ltd
25C High Street
PE26 2QE

Tel: 01487 813764

When your rod arrives with us, we will examine it thoroughly and provide a full breakdown costing of the work required to restore it to its former glory. If you have an email address, we will send the letter by email.   Alternatively, a letter will go to you by first class post.   Depending on the age of your rod, and the work involved, an anticipated time frame will be suggested to you. Broadly speaking, most replacement sections take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.

In cases of refurbishment, you will have a full breakdown of the work to be done, and you can choose how much, or how little, you want us to do. The choice is yours.  At the point that you ask us to proceed with the work, we will ask for your card details for payment.  Alternatively, payment is welcome by electronic online transfer or by cheque.  (NB: we will be unable to commence work until a cheque has cleared successfully).

Repair Enquiry Form

When/how will my rod be returned to me?

When all the work on your rod has been completed,  we like to put the whole rod together with a reel and line, and make sure that everything works perfectly, before returning it to you.  Once this final hand testing has been carried out, we will be in touch with you to arrange a convenient day for you to accept delivery.

Deliveries can be to a business or residential address.  Ideally, a signature is required by the courier upon delivery.  However, it is not always possible to wait in all day for a delivery.  If you are unable to be there to sign for the parcel, we can pass on to the courier driver your instructions where you would be happy for the parcel to be left safely.  Such as "if out, leave in the greenhouse / by the back door / in the shed /  in the front porch / in the garage / with a neighbour / over the gate / etc".   The courier delivers on week days only, between 08.00am and 5.30pm.  

How and when do I make payment for the work?

Payment is welcome by card (debit or credit), by online electronic transfer, by direct bank transfer, or by cheque.  

Payment details will be requested at the point at which you ask us to commence working on your rod.  If paying by cheque, we will have to wait until the cheque clears through banking before we can proceed.  I do hope this is convenient.