Double Speycaster

The Double Speycaster deals with utter luxury.  Starting with the raw materials, the Double Speycaster uses the highest quality carbons available. These rods are the benchmark of the Speycasting action.

The Double Speycaster will cast long distances without any struggle and not leave its owner feeling in the slightest bit jaded at the end of the day.   From the carbon, to the paint, to the silver hand tipping, screw winch reel fitting and every possible component used - the Double Speycaster is the best of everything, on a first class Bruce & Walker blank.  The rods are complemented with an elegant, blue, aluminium rod tube.


LengthSectionsLine RatingPrice GBPFurther Description



8-9 and 10

994.00+UK Tax

= 1192.80

The Double Speycaster rods are the very flag ship rods for Bruce & Walker.  They have absolutely the best of everything - right from the word go, starting with the best quality carbon available.  In terms of action, this is an incredibly easy rod to cast well and accurately.  It has a crisp, smooth, even action.  Perfect for small to medium rivers; and spring right through to autumn fishing.






1009.00+UK Tax

= 1210.80

The Double Speycaster 14' rod is a superb rod to cast.  It has slightly more power in the butt section than the 13' model.  It is a very good, all year round rod, making casting all day completely effortless.



10 and 11

1260.00+UK TAx

= 1512.00

Some would say the perfect rod; the top of its class.   It will suit a novice to an expert. It is forgiving of mistakes and is ideal for less-than-perfect weather conditions, casting a long distance with ease.  Again, it has the crisp, smooth, even action, so indicative of a Double Speycaster rod.

Standard Specification
  • Highest Quality Grade cork handle
  • Downlocking pewter anodised screw winch fitting
  • Highest quality hard chrome snake rings
  • Two SIC butt rings
  • Blue colour with blue whippings and silver tipping on every whipping
  • Matt finish
  • Has two top sections
  • Silver Ferrule Stoppers
Customise this Rod

All Bruce & Walker rods are handmade by us, therefore we can customise our standard specification rods to suit your indivdual preference.

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