Tournament Caster

Tournament Casting competitions are hugely enjoyable events, bringing together casting enthusiasts from across the world, who are interested in taking their casting ability to the extreme.  You can achieve tremendous distances with your cast.  Rod, line, timing and technique.  When it all comes together, it is pure joy.

We make our Bruce & Walker Tournament Casting rods with strengtheners and inserts to help them withstand the often unacceptable pressures they are forced to endure every time they are used.

With any extreme sport, there is always a consequence.  By the very nature of their use, Tournament Casting (TC) rods endure an inordinate amount of torsional pressure.  Occasionally, they endure unacceptable amounts of pressure.  They are being pushed to their very limits, and to destruction, every single time they are used.  Nothing will withstand this continual abuse forever.  The pressure that the carbons are forced to endure, when the casting is right, is phenomenal.  When the casting is miss-timed, overloaded, miss-cast - the pressure is unbearable.  To expect a carbon fibre fishing rod to survive such abuse, is, at the very least, unreasonable.

You will find that most countries have their own Rules and Regulations regarding the lengths of TC rods; the lengths and weights and diameter of casting lines; and the size and type of reels.  However, as a very rough guide, the maximum line weight on our Bruce & Walker TC rods is 15'/65 grams; 16'/70 grams, 18'/75 grams.

The Bruce & Walker TC rods are guaranteed against manufacturing faults.  They are not guaranteed against misuse, overloading, miss-timing of a cast, or being pushed over and above their capabilities.  

Enjoy your Tournament Casting sport.  Perfect your tournament cast.  But above all else, appreciate what you have in your hands.  It is a carbon fibre fishing rod.  Treat it with respect and it will reward you with pleasure.

For all your tournament casting needs, we would recommend BOSS tournament casting lines.  Designed and evolved by three of the best Top Ten Finalists of Spey-O-Rama World Championships.  For more details, contact  or go to 


LengthLine RatingSectionsPrice GBPFurther Description
TC 15'#113786.00+UK Tax £943.20 This rod is the original Tournament Caster and casting long tournament lines, 80 - 100 foot head. We strengthen them in all the relevant places to help withstand the rigours of the tournament casting world.
TC 18'#113 + handle870.00+UK Tax = £1044.00This rod is the Tournament Caster, in the longer length, 18', and has the same classic, powerful action as the 15' TC rod, but in an 18' length for that class of tournament casting.
CCSOR 15'#123736.00+UK Tax = £883.20This is the world renowned CCSOR (Competition Caster Spey-O-Rama Edition) rod, which won both Men's and Ladies' Championships 2017 at Spey-O-Rama, San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Angling Club of San Francisco. Not only did it take 1st Place for the Men's Competition, but also 3rd Place, 6th Place and 8th Place. And in the Ladies' Competition, this rod took 1st Place, with a world record breaking cast! It was designed in conjunction with a long standing Top Ten Finalist of Spey-O-Rama, and is finished in the club colours pertaining to the Golden Gate Angling Club of San Francisco. Depending on your ability and preference, line weights are between 950 and 1020 grains.
CCSOR 15' Mk II HD3756.00+UK Tax= £907.20The CCSOR 15' Mk II HD is a slightly beefed up rod in the butt section for those who prefer a little more at the bottom end of the rod when TC requires it.
CCSOR 15' Mk III3756.00+UK Tax= £907.20The CCSOR Mk III is a little more fuller flexing in the butt section for those who prefer a little more "give" further down the rod.
N 15'#113699+UK Tax = £838.80The Norway Tournament Casting rod is a firm favourite in the tournament casting world. It has a polished carbon finish, with black whippings and a black reel fitting, as standard. It retains the Norway Speycaster middle to tip action, but with extra strengtheners, in all the right places, for tournament casting use.
SOR Ed II 15'4784.00 + UK Tax 940.80The Spey-O-Rama Edition II 4p rod comes in three finishes. This is the standard model. The SOR Edition II rod is a strong, new competitor in the Tournament Field. The SOR Edition II is constructed with a strong tip, to recover instantly, with little to no tip shock. It is the perfect blend of power and feel. A mid-flexing od, with a powerful butt section, that will send the line to extreme distances. Depending on your loading preference, we recommend lines between 1000 - 1100 grain range.
SOR Ed II 15'4807.00 + UK Tax 968.40This Spey-O-Rama Edition II Lite 4p rod is complemented with Torzite rings.
SOR Ed II 15'4861.00 + UK Tax 1033.20This Spey-O-Rama Edition II Superior 4p rod comes with a top grade handmade reel seat and K Frame rings.
Standard Specification

There are three tournament casting rods:  

1.  The Tournament Caster 15' and 18', (TC15' + TC 18') which are finished (as standard) in colours similar to our Powerlite Speycaster rods.  But the TC 15'  and TC 18' can be finished in colours of your own choice, if you wish.  As long as we hold the colours you choose in house, there is no extra charge for this custom built service.

2.  The Competition Caster Spey-O-Rama Edition rod, as standard is a graphite colour finish, with blue whipping, and silver tippings on the ends of joints.  There is also a blue + gold tipping twist in the centre of the three ferrule end whippings on the top and middle sections.  This is to reflect the club colours of the Golden Gate Angling Club of San Francisco, which holds the Spey-O-Rama Championships each year.  The rod has a cork handle with a black reel fitting, and matching black end cap + rubber button.  Again, can be finished in a colour of your choice, but painting a rod that is polished carbon as standard, would incur an additional cost.

3.  The Norway Tournament Caster 15' rod is finished just like our Norway Speycaster range.  It has a polished carbon finish, with black whippings, and a black reel fitting.  It has a full cork handle, with a rounded cork end.  Again, it can be custom built finish to your own taste, but any painting is additional cost, and embellishments to the cork handle are also additional.

Customise this Rod

All Bruce & Walker rods are handmade by us, therefore we can customise our standard specification rods to suit your indivdual preference.

View examples of customised rods