The photos above show a custom built Multi Spin 9’6”.  The rod has been finished in deep blue gloss paint, with matching blue whipping and silver hand tipping at the ends of sections. NB: this is not the standard finish, but is simply to show what is possible.

LengthLine RatingSectionsPrice GBPFurther Descriptions



553.50 + UK Tax

= 664.20

A very light tubular rod with a semi-through action, making this an ideal rod to fish all day with no fatigue at all. It will cast the lightest to medium to heavyweight spoons and minnows.




558.00 + UK Tax

= 669.00

The most popular length of spinning rod.  Will never be under or over gunned.  As with the 9'6" model,  but much more an all round rod. Will take care of large rivers and the heaviest of Norway spoons, but has enough action through the rod to cast the lightest of minnows.




562.50 + UK Tax

= 675.00

This is a big, powerful spinning rod!  This rod is designed and manufactured for the Tay and other big rivers. It is a truly powerful rod, coping with the heaviest of conditions and the strongest winds and water.  It's a bit of a beast!


Standard Specification

All cork handle, screw winch fitting,lined rings throughout, matt mahogany with burgundy whipping and gloss finish.

Customise this Rod

All Bruce & Walker rods are handmade by us, therefore we can customise our standard specification rods to suit your indivdual preference.

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