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Prototype and Ex demo rods for sale.
We are designing and making new blanks and prototypes all the time.  We are trying different combinations of carbon, for different actions, and experimenting with a variety of colours of paint, whippings, hand tipping and fittings.  When we have finished  working with the prototype, sometimes we  offer it for sale.  It will make a lovely addition to someone's fishing stable of rods, and that is far better than sitting in a corner of our office.  The prototype rods are unique.  There will not be another rod in the world identical to them.  

When an item is classified as an ex demo, it still functions as intended and is perfectly usable. However the full history of an ex demo, by its very nature, is not fully known by us and therefore ex demo items are not returnable and cannot be refunded.  They are all fully guaranteed against manufacturing faults.  All ex demo items and prototype items are inspected and hand tested before leaving Bruce & Walker.

Please note: These rods are not guaranteed against car boot accidents, mice attacks, puppy damage, cows adding a little fibre to their diet, or a serious tugging when caught up on a rock at the bottom of the river.   

 If you would like further details regarding any of these rods, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. (01487 813764 or email: sales@bruceandwalker.co.uk ).   We’re always pleased to hear from you. 

Payment:  You are most welcome to pay by a variety of methods.   PayPal, debit/credit card, or online banking transfer. Please telephone Kay (01487 813764) and provide your card details over the phone, if you prefer the personal touch.   

Please be assured that your details are secure and handled correctly by Bruce & Walker.  We do not pass on any of your information or details to any other party.

Delivery:  unless otherwise stated, delivery is Monday - Friday, by Couriers.  Please note, we will always try and contact you before sending out your purchase.  Your contact details, therefore, are vital to achieve this.  Delivery costs vary slightly and are dependent upon length of parcel.  England and Wales, Borders of Scotland and most of Central Scotland is usually an over night delivery, although it is not guaranteed, and they allow 2 working days to deliver.  The cost is £18.50 + VAT for parcels over 1.2m.  For parcels under 1.2m it is £12.50 + VAT.  The Highlands and Islands of Scotland usually takes 2-3 working days for delivery, and costs £21.50 + VAT for parcels under 1.2m.  For parcels over 1.2m it is £27.50 + VAT  Any delivery "across water",  but within the UK,  usually takes 2-3 working days and is priced according to weight and dimensions of the individual  parcel.   All overseas deliveries are priced according to weight and overall dimensions of the individual parcel.  

Please note:  In the unfortunate event of a parcel arriving damaged in transit, the office of Bruce & Walker must be notified within 24hrs of delivery.  Couriers will not entertain any claim if notification is not received within 24hrs.  If you are unsure of the contents, and the delivery driver will not wait for you to check them, always sign as "damaged" or "unchecked", just to be on the safe side.  If you do not do this, and the contents are found to be damaged, you will be deemed responsible, as you are signing for them "received in good condition".  For further information regarding deliveries, please contact us direct 01487 813764. 


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